Lost Boy Casting Call

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Lost Boy – A New Musical – Submit Photo / Resume for Appointment

Lost Boy: A New Musical
Category: Performer

Lost Boy chronicles Slightly’s adventures with Peter Pan and the lost boys in a Neverland shaken by the return of Captain Hook. This musical, inspired by J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan, asks “What is Neverland?” as Slightly uncovers Peter’s true intentions and Captain Hook’s quest for power.

Whimsical and loving, Slightly’s Mother will do anything to keep her son safe. As Slightly gets sicker, Mother’s sense of reality slips into a manic desire to get him back.

Rider of tailwinds. Captain of Neverland. Peter’s playfulness keeps him living moment to moment. When Neverland is attacked Peter is forced to confront his worldviews.

Returning to Neverland after years of banishment, this Hook is set not simply on revenge, but controlling the island. His renewed focus and clear plan create a violent, unmerciful pirate captain.

Hook’s first mate is clever – he knows to tread carefully around this new captain hook. He sets himself apart from other pirates by asking questions and proposing plans, but he retains a bit of foolishness that comes through in song.

Lost boys
Peter’s gang of lost children, the lost boys think about only what’s presented to them. Though mostly focused on adventures and games, the boys also must deal with their pre-Neverland lives, a loss of leadership, and a real threat of war.

A gang of hooligans, the pirates have grown more lazy in Captain Hook’s absence. Their transition from careless drunkards to fierce marauders is tenuous, as they have difficulty abandoning their debauchery.

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Equity Stage Reading Agreement pending approval


Lost Boy: A New Musical

Brooklyn, NY 11237

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